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Your app, any language, in under 30 minutes.
Localization is long and meticulous. At Lang, we’ve simplified the process, helping you translate your website in minutes and go global today.
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Lang Enables High-Quality Localization in a Fraction of the Time.
Average Localization Process
Six engineers integrate with an internationalization framework
Manual mark up of front-facing content
End to end translation over multiple months
Delayed globalization, and $450,000 in engineering cost
Localization with Lang
One engineer sets up the framework in 30 minutes
Automated solution to mark up your front-facing strings
End to end translation in a week
Quick access to global markets, and minimal engineering cost
Putting Engineers First
We believe translations are a problem rooted in code. That’s why we’ve built a solution focused first on engineers. With our interface, developers can run simple commands that take care of the entire translation process.
Quality Assurance
Context is important for translations. That’s why we provide you with the ability to submit descriptions and screenshots for each translation request.
We also interface with translators who localized Stripe and Airbnb, ensuring the highest-quality experience for your end users.
Learn from your Users
It’s helpful to crowd-source opinions on your translations. That’s why we let your users submit feedback on translations, helping you best accomodate nuances.
With our dashboard analytics, we track the changes your users suggest, and give you the power to update your translations when it seems appropriate
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